About Simon Peel of Growth Strategy Ventures

Simon Peel of Growth Strategy Ventures is a Growth Expert. Simon is an Award-Winning 5-time Chief Marketing Officer, a 5-time Chief Revenue Officer, a 6-time Chief Strategy Officer, and a 7-time Board Advisor/Member. Simon Peel is a results-driven Sales & Marketing leader with a proven track record of driving dramatic increases in revenue, pipeline, and corporate notoriety. Simon Peel of Growth Strategy Ventures has deep experience growing revenue by optimizing Sales and Marketing teams. Mr. Peel also has experience in leading all aspects of Marketing including Marcom lead-gen and deal-gen, Product Marketing, Product Management & AR/PR with a strong focus on tightly interlocking sales & marketing at the field execution level. Simon Peel is an individual who earns the respect of the organization, customers, investors, analysts and press, consistently delivering high returns against strategic objectives. Simon Peel “Carried a bag” by successfully leading a field of sales and telesales teams to consistently over achieve aggressive revenue targets.

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